Capital Punishment: Justified Murder?

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Capital Punishment can be define as justified murder because we are taken a life for a life. The question of how societies respond to serious crimes has been an issue not only in our culture but other cultures. Like are society other society have had to live with murder so this is why life without parole is a positive alternative. If I were a person who had a father that was murder by someone and just knowing that I will never see my father again I will be for capital punishment because my father is gone and there is no way to bring him back. I would feel that the only right thing to do is to have that person executed because the alternative to capital punishment in this case would be life without parole which is in a way like killing the person but they are still living they just will never be free but it still won’t bring my dad back but it’s a solution it may not be the solution we were looking for because nothing can bring him back. Capital punishment can be good or bad it depends on how you want to look at it and its many different viewpoints you can look at it from. If you had a family member that was on death row and got sentenced to death then you might feel that it’s wrong. If you had a family member or someone …show more content…
Capital punishment is good because it will help to cut down on overcrowding in prison. If you were to start executing all the prisoners on death row that would create more space in the prisons and help with overcrowding. Capital punishment gives the victims a chance to get some type of retribution back and it may vary as to how different family or friends may feel because even though you took a life them taking your life is not going to bring his/her life

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