Why Is Bohemian Rhapsody Unique

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Bohemian Rhapsody
The song I chose to analyze was Bohemian Rhapsody. This song was written by a famous
British band called Queen. The band was officially formed in 1970 with Freddie Mercury, Roger
Taylor, Brian May, and Mike Gross making up the members of the band. A year later, the band signed with Trident Audio Productions. In 1973, the band released their first single and began their first major tour. In 1975, Queen released their single Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie Mercury wrote “Bohemian Rhapsody” in London. Roy Baker was the leading producer in making this single. The famous, Freddie Mercury was the most invested in making this song. He sang the vocals of this song and directed the
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This part is labeled as an aggressive heavy metal interlude. It is a great way end this remarkable song.
During the time Bohemian Rhapsody was released, the most popular type of music was hard rock and psychedelic rock. Popular artist during this era were Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and of course the Beatles. Queen was influenced by these well-known artist, but wanted to add more of a high culture to their music. The culture during this time was known as the “hippie culture”.
Drugs, sex and rock and roll was often used as a slogan to describe this musical decade. Music festivals were very popular during this time. Some of the most famous rock festivals were
Woodstock and the Newport Folk Festival. America fell in love with rock music largely due to the fact of the atmosphere at these music festivals. People were very interested in music during this time and Queen’s hit single emerged just at the right moment. Queen went to a creative rout to try to duplicate these rock festival’s by drawing the audience in a visually different way. The band attempted to perform their hit single live, but it was to complicated to orchestrate all the different parts of the song. In result, the band hired Trident Studios to help them grab

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