Essay about Why Is Being Compatible?

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How to Get Him to Commit

Just grab a gun, pen and a contract: you’re all set.
And you thought it was gonna be tough! Just Kidding!
There are other options that won’t get you 5-20 before parole.
You just need to be the woman he wants to commit to. Get this right and you are in it for life.
I didn’t say that to piss you off, but you’re the one thinking things are good between you and your partner so why is he dragging out a proposal.
I’d bet you’re pretty sure you’re marriage material, right?
You may already be, yet most guys will tell ya that if it 's all good like you think and he’s not on his knees yet, then there is something your man is thinking about; or more accurately his gut is telling him, that he should pull back on the reins.

The Importance of Being Compatible

We can 't urge you enough about the vital importance of being compatible with your guy. If the two of you don 't see eye-to-eye, why would you want to attach your fine self to a man who remains a touch beyond your reach?

Do you keep investing your time and your heart in men who say they care - even say they love you – but don 't make the tiniest effort to commit?

Do you find yourself making excuses for him when he fails to give you the attention you want?

The best way to gauge where you and your guy rank on the compatibility meter is to think about how you feel when you 're with him. Do you feel happy or helpless? Do you feel like you 're walking on clouds or eggshells?

The worst way to discern a…

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