Why Is Barnabas Important

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Chapter Six
When the Church at Antioch of Syria, consisting mostly of Greeks, came to the attention of the elders at Jerusalem, they chose Barnabas to visit the church there and report on the Lord’s work in that area.
Barnabas is first introduced in Acts chapter four. At that time, a great need had developed concerning the poor Christians in the Jerusalem church. The other Christians, who had possessions, sold what they could afford and gave the money to the apostles to be distributed to those in need.
Barnabas was a Levite; yet, he owned some land on the island of Cyprus. When he became aware of a need within the church, he sold his farm and gave all of the money to those in need. Barnabas was a generous man. There were others who sold their property and gave all the money to the church, but Barnabas is the only one named. Ananias and Sapphira sold their land and gave part of the money to the church, but Barnabas and some others gave the whole price. So, it is no surprise that he remained in Antioch and preached for the church there. Luke wrote that Barnabas was a good man and under his preaching many people were added to the Lord. (Acts 11:22-24)
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When Paul went to Jerusalem, no body, not even the apostles, believed him except Barnabas. I suppose there have been times in the lives of all of us when we needed somebody to stand by us.
Later, Barnabas stood by John Mark. The disagreement between Paul and Barnabas over taking John Mark on the Second Missionary Journey was one of opinion not doctrine; therefore, a discussion of which one was right is without

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