Why Is Ballet A Dying Art

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Dance is an art form that allows people to express themselves. Ballet serves as a foundation to all modern dance forms. Many people believe ballet is a dying art because it’s not something the United States is known for. If asked, most people would only be able to name Mikhail Baryshnikov, a Russian dancer who reached his height of fame in the 1970s. Although ballet is most popular in and associated with Russia, it is still a worldly-known art and thousands of people practice it everyday. Even though the well-known names come from it’s history, ballet is not a dying art, and today’s ballet dancers dedicate much of their lives to continuing traditions and evolving how ballet is performed. In 1400 BC, dance arrived in Greece. The Greeks did …show more content…
Most professional dancers started lessons as babies. Those who pursue classical dance usually take classes with dance companies that might eventually hire them. There are many colleges that offer bachelors and masters degrees in dance, through departments of music, theatre, or fine arts. (B3) Most dancers stop performing in their mid-30s because of their bodies can no longer keep up with the strain of dancing. Dance requires excellent physical condition and self-discipline to put in the long hours of practice. An injury can put an end to working as a dancer temporarily or permanently. When performing is no longer possible, many dancers become choreographers, dance teachers, or artistic directors. (B3) In the French language, ballet terminology has largely remained. Ballet dancers across the world learn and can communicate with this universal ballet vocabulary. Anyone who is interested in dance should learn the terminology. Some people may think that a ballerina is a only a female ballet dancer, but a ballerina is actually the leading female dancer for a ballet company. A ballerina earns its title through “years of hard work and great dancing.” Being a ballet dancer will be very difficult if one doesn’t learn the vocabulary. …show more content…
There are multiple steps referred to as the“movement in dance.” There are three movements that ballet and dance beginners are taught. Plie means to bend. Have the feet in first position, flat on the floor and just bend the knees. Releve means to rise. Start with the feet together, knees straight, and lift the heels high enough so all of the body weight is on the balls of the feet. Saute means to jump. This jump is performed “two feet to two feet” which means that the dancer leaves the ground by jumping off of both feet at the same time, and the dancer lands on both feet at the same time. A dancer begins a saute in a plie. During the jump, be sure to straighten and extend the legs in the air, but land in a plie to cushion the knees and make the landing softer.

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