Essay on Why Is Aren 't They Both Pretty Important?

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Aren 't They Both Pretty Important?

As a kid, growing up in the Midwest, I was outside playing all the time. Nearly every night at dinner time my mother would have to come outside to find me. Usually I was playing with my neighborhood friends or constructing some wild apparatus out of whatever I could find. Any time that I wasn 't playing around and being creative, I would have a soccer ball on my foot. I began playing on an organized team at the age of four and I have played all through my childhood. I am now pursuing it in College. The soccer teams I was on taught me the value of a team at an early age and I believe that that is just as important as the lessons I learned as I played with my friends or experimented with my many creations. Just because the lessons are on opposite ends of the spectrum doesn 't mean that one is any more important than the other.

It is my firm belief that there should be a balance between work and play, or, in this case, organized and creative play. It is important for there to be just the right amount of each present in a young person 's life. If there is too much of one and not enough of the other, the child is at a greater chance to become burned out and lose interest in whatever it is that they are involved in. Giving children the freedom to choose how they spend a portion of their free time gives them the experience of making decisions. The sooner that process is started, the better they will be at it when it is time to…

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