Abortion Murder Of Human Rights Essay

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Abortion: Murder of Human Rights Caught up in a world of hedonism and online facades, is it really possible to tell if something is right or wrong? Abortion, either blessing or damnation, is one of these things the world cannot seem to determine conclusively. Even now, children and adults alike are caught up in the debate of whether it should be abolished due to human rights or protected by them. Those for abortion (Pro-choice) like to explain and outline exactly how the woman 's choice to have the procedure is a freedom given to them from birth, despite exercising hypocrisy and exaggeration in their fight for “human” rights. However, those against it (Pro-life) understand that there is no possible justification for abortion, and by fundamental …show more content…
Through this reasoning, full term pregnancies upholds the right to life more, seeing how it saves two lives instead of destroying one to “save” the other. But still, humans have a right to be free from cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment, and denial of abortion to women undermines this right! Even the “Committee against Torture has recognized the impact of restrictive laws, which force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term or to undergo illegal abortions that often place their health and lives in danger, and noted… these acts constitutes cruel and inhuman treatment”, so surely legal abortion hold up this right (Safe and Legal Abortion)? Unfortunately, that is not the case. All rights are expressively stated as human rights, therefore applicable to all humans, not just women. The core of the abortion debate seems to be centered on women and the validity of a fetus being a “person”. As “person” is a rather philosophical term, it is better to stick to the facts. The fetuses mentioned are part of the homo sapiens species, being made of an egg and sperm cell from that same species. It is not dead; it is growing and an independent organism apart from the

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