Why Is A Roman Tribune? Essay

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So in this paper I will explain the following questions: What is a roman tribune, and what is their role in society. Why is Marullus and Flavius worried about Caesar? I will answer these questions by the information from the book. Also I will answer them by my own thinking and reasoning.
The Role of a Roman Tribune The first question I will be discussing is what a roman tribune is? A roman tribune is an officer or officers that are elected each year to serve over the military. They are there to protect the rights of the plebeians from the patricians. They protect the lower class from the higher class. Also they were over the generals of the military, or they are telling others what to do. In this play Marullus, and Flavius are the tribunes. The play starts off by them two questioning everyone. They were asking questions like “Is this a holiday?” (pg.1) They were going around asking why people were in their good clothes. Also, they ask why the people of the Rome weren’t working today. “But wherefore art not in thy shop today? Why dost thou lead these men about the streets?” (pg.1) The two of them were wondering why the the people of Rome closed the shops. Lowe 2 The people of Rome explained to them the reason they closed down shops. The reason is because Caesar was going to ride through the streets of Rome. Caesar had just killed Pompey.
The two tribunes were disgusted with the people of Rome. They asked the people how they could celebrate a person who killed…

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