Why Is A Recommended Behavior Is The Most Important Part Of Physical Fitness

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A recommended behavior is eating more heart healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables,, grains, low fat proteins, and naturally grown, non manufactured foods can prevent the onset of heart disease that usually occur later in life (Mayo Clinic, 2014).

Why is this behavior important to health in general? Eating healthy is the most important part of physical fitness. Eating healthy also has short and long term benefits to the body such as providing energy, releasing endorphins, preventing symptoms that could lead to heart disease , and increasing life expectancy (Heart Disease and Diet, 2014).

Why is this issue relevant to college students in general, and University of Illinois students specifically? Most college students do not consider heart health an imminent issue and often have poor diets. A go-to meal for the average student on this campus is McDonalds, Wendy’s, burgers from I-57, a cup of Easy Mac, Ramen Noodles, or Chipotle. Not to many options from these menus contain heart healthy ingredients. Most of the ingredients contain trans fats, mono saturated fats, excess amounts of sodium, and other potentially harmful ingredients (Mayo Clinic,2014). A study done in Oregon state University shows that the average student is missing fruits, vegetables, and fiber in their diet but intaking more than the recommend daily calories (Oregon state university, 2011). This imbalance leads to the intake of a diet where the majority of a meal consists of “empty calories” and…

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