Why Is A Computer Means? Essay

1333 Words Jun 4th, 2015 null Page
Ghosting a computer means cloning its content to another environment—giving the appearance that the same computer is available at another location. In other words, ghosting means the computer is not present at other locations but its contents are available to be viewed at different locations. “Human ghosting” is a term being coined by this author to convey the concept similar to computer ghosting; it means people are not physically present, but they are present through the use of the internet and social networks on their computers and cell phones. People’s social networks have evolved into networks of virtual people, as they communicate through social media to share what’s happening in their life and even to socialize offline. The networks of virtual people do not include the boundaries of the classical system theory. The world has become smaller not because that distance has shrunk due to affordable airline services and other transportation services but by commonly available internet connections and smartphone services. People have access to variety of information due to smart search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask me, etc. and can connect to any virtual community, access information, or disseminate information without being restricted by physical boundaries, accountability, and morality (Postman, 1993). Thus, it can be argued that the virtual environment is also affecting societal beliefs, values, and perceptions and even life-satisfaction. People’s reliance upon the…

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