Why Individuals Commit Crime Can Allow For Better Control Over How Rehabilitation

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Understanding why individuals commit crime can allow for better control over how rehabilitation can help prevent further crime and help introduce the criminal back into social normality. Rehabilitation programs are not only beneficial for the individual themselves but also for the community. Rehabilitation allows for the individual to surface back into the community without the high chances of reoffending. For Nigel’s case many different programs could be offered to allow for better communication skills, anger issues and alcohol abuse. Within the report, it says that Nigel is subjected to violent behavior even within prison towards other inmates. This suggests that prison is not allowing for Nigel to improve his behavior, this may suggest that imprisonment is not allowing for a good rehabilitation. Within Australia counseling and support is offered for youth within the prisons, this could allow for Nigel to release some negative energy which may be built up due to the psychological torture he had received in his childhood. This could reduce the rage, and physical harm he inflicts on other inmates. This is one of the simple most effective solutions that prisons allow for inmates to allow for rehabilitation. A program that is called ‘What works’ has influenced correctional organizations. This rehabilitation program provides basic principle aspects of how to provide assistance to reoffending or high-risk offenders. This program outlines a few principles to determine what…

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