Why Immigration Should Be Legal Essay

729 Words Oct 12th, 2015 3 Pages
When discussing the topic of immigration every person has a different opinion. Many people believe Immigration should be illegal, however some believe it should be legal. These differences in opinions has caused Immigration to become a major issue all over the world. Immigration should be legal for many reasons. These reasons include: Immigrants create more businesses, It helps build the melting pot origin that America is based upon, and introduces the freedom of America to immigrants who may not have been as fortunate to experience from their former homes. These reasons are the foundation of why immigration should become legal. The first reason why immigration should be legal is, they help stabilize the United States’ socially, financially, and economically through businesses they help employ and create. One immigrant with all of those qualities is Andrew Carnegie. “Carnegie was born in Scotland and migrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his family. While living in Pittsburgh, Carnegie became a captain of industry due to the rise of his steel industry.” (PBS). Other examples of immigrants that helped create more businesses are “Albert Einstein from Germany, Ieoh Ming Pei from China, and Joseph Pulitzer from Hungary.” (Immigration Update). As more immigrants move to America the demand on goods and services spike resulting in the economy to shift towards a need for more jobs. Not only will more people have the opportunity to be free from being jobless but, more people…

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