Why Immigration Is The United States Become Crazy Over The Past 10 Years.many People

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I am going to my paper on the of immigration.I feel that immigration in the U.S has become crazy over the past 10 years.Many people don’t want any immigrants coming to the U.S and the ones that are here are being sent back to our home lands.Everyday more immigration stops are put into place around the country.Families are being separated and as much as we try to stop all this we can’t.Our voices aren 't being heard we are being treated as if we were animals and our thoughts could mean less.What they don 't seem to understand is that we all migrate into the U.S all in hope. Yet no one ever seems to look at it that way.We are always looked as a threat to society. We are categorized as terrorist,rapist,criminals, etc.
Historical Underpinning Immigration in the U.S has become a huge issue in the U.S. Immigrants are part of our economy and part of the reason why are able to keep it stable.Immigrants pay taxes,green cards, Visas, and many more that make up millions of dollars. WIth this money millions of more jobs are created and immigrants are vital to the U.S economy. Immigrants have been here forever. A approximate amount of 13% of the U.S population is made up of illegal immigrants. These are people that come in hope of a better life and future for their families. These immigrants come and work hard jobs such as in fields picking fruit and vegetables. Long hours terrible pay but it is way better than what they had living in their home lands. Not just that but many…

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