Why I 'm Excited At My Guest Blogger Anna Essay

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I 'm excited to introduce you to my guest blogger Anna. She will gladly share with us the interesting perspectives of raising children in Europe versus North America.

Being a Child Psychologist, I always pay attention to the parenting styles of different families. Every situation is different, every mom and dad are different and there 's no "right" way of doing it. Every parent has his own approach and is in a position to implement it regardless of who thinks otherwise. But the fact is that there are certainly tendencies in parenting styles that vary not only from one family to another, but also have ethnic and geographic character.

I live in a country with many cultures and nationalities. Every house has different language, specific decor and particular principles of life. Their parenting paths are not an exception. To talk about cultural specificity, we better start from analyzing the cultural differences between two continents: North America and Europe.

I think the biggest shock our American mommy will have in Germany. Parents on a playground don 't prevent kids from climbing, even if there are no signs of protection from slips and falls on the ground. Remember our playgrounds, right? Safety - first! "Crazy" Germans encourage their kids to play with fire and learn about things on their own, whereas a hovering American mom doesn 't accept that idea much. Contrary to stereotype of being strict, German parents promote trust - they show they trust their kids. Same goes for…

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