Why I Write? Orwell And Didion Have Great Reasons For Why People Should Write

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Why I Write

Orwell and Didion have great reasons for why people should write. Writing helps you expand your thoughts, and allows you to share what you feel about something. In my essay I will be discussing my motivations as to why write. In my essay I will be discussing the many reasons for why I write. I write for various reasons such as academic use, personal writing/reading, cell phone use, and social media. Being a strong writer is a motivation for me, because It will help me in my business career. I feel that having strong writing and reading skills, will help me gain knowledge and it will allow me to expand my mind as a writer. Writing has a huge impact in my daily life, and the main reason why I write is to communicate with people. There are many ways I communicate through writing, which include texting, email, and social media. Writing helps me communicate through email and social media. Having strong writing skills is vital, for example when you’re emailing your professor, it needs to be formal, well written, and organized, and structured. I use email to communicate with my professors, classmates, and apply to jobs. I also use email for social media like Twitter, and Instagram. Without an email, you can’t create social media accounts. Social media is also a big factor to my writing. I tweet daily, about nonsense, however it is a form of writing and communicating for me. Personal writing, like social media, can really help a person understand who they are, and…

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