Why I Write An Analytical Essay

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Why I Write analytical essay Terry Tempest Williams achieves her purpose in “Why I Write” by composing a love letter to “writing” about how writing can help you cope with life. The author gives a precise summary about why she writes. It seems to be random thoughts, but she has a point to the madness as the reader has to analyze the text more deeply to understand what she means. Williams uses this piece to describe a climatic read about why the author feels the need to express herself in this way. However, why would someone write a love letter to writing, or any other art form? For Williams, this is a way of showing her talent as a writer and as an advocate for writing as a profession. Williams does this through her vivid metaphors that push the audience to contemplate what can be done with as much as a pen and piece of paper. Or how Williams comparisons between love and writing can question the depths of vulnerability it can take you too. Even her illicit paradoxes of why writing is a form of love, and how emotional she is about “her love”. Williams writes as a way of communicating with the world around her, and is trying to represent the world in her writing. Williams is not just stating random facts about writing, she is trying to connect to the reader in a way where she is making the reader think and struggle with what she is writing about. She writes, “I write to imagine things differently and in imagining things differently perhaps the world will change” (Writing…

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