Why I Wear School Dress Codes Essay

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High School students wake up in the morning and decide to plan out what they want to wear. Girls tend to worry about this routine quite a bit more than boys do. As if finding out what to wear to school is not already tricky enough, girls have to worry about dress codes. Finding shorts that are below fingertip length are harder to find and not as trendy for the average teenager. Spaghetti straps are also not welcome in the schools. Society bases these rules off of what is considered appropriate to a male’s eyes, which can become a tremendous controversy. Women’s Fashion has changed drastically over the years, back in the day our grandparent’s shorts were to the knee, now they have “booty shorts” and “soffe shorts which only come down an inch or two below the butt. Girls have changed the world of fashion today because they are making a stand, and gaining the power of self-expression and love. Girls seem to be the only ones suffering from the strict school dress codes. Being a girl I think it is unethical to make a dress code given by such a society that it is harmful to girls, bullied for being different, and teaching young boys that girls bodies are sexualized and dangerous. The dress code is harmful to young high school girls because it teaches them that they have to cover up in order for guys to leave them alone. Laura says in her article How School Dress Codes Shame Girls and Perpetuate Rape Culture, “It prepares them for college life, where as many as one in five women…

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