Why I Was The Cell Phone Essay

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Writing Essays 3 and 4 was much different than writing Essays 1 and 2. As of our midterm we had written an essay based off of an issue raised in a text and one from our experiences in life. And starting with essay three we had to research information to write about. When we began essay 3 I had a multitude of ideas. The assignment was to find two essay of opposing viewpoints on a topic and to compare and evaluate both sides of the argument. Some of my ideas were; Electric VS. Gasoline cars, Are cell phones beneficial, and are laptops beneficial. Out of these the one that struck me as an essay I could write about was the cell phone essay. When I got home, I researched the topic for quite a while but was having issues finding any good sources. Eventually, I found two essays that were adequate so I began to write. When we had our first In class Collaboration I was still working on a draft so I decided that I would try to get some in class sources and research for my essay. While in class I was paired up with Casey and Cavin. While there I asked them about their cell phone usage and as I suspected both of them used at least a full charge a day. After the collaboration I decided that I’d need more class sources before I incorporated it into my essay so I continued writing. The more I wrote the more worried I got that this essay might not turn out. During our next collaboration I was with Heather and Ryan. I gathered the data about their cell phone usage from them and they…

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