Why I Was A Teacher For Guide The Children Of Living A Christian Life

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Looking back to the period of time where I went to church I was asked by the adults in the church to become a teacher to guide the children in living a Christian life. During this time, I believed that I was an admirable example in showing the children how to maintain a strong relationship with God while living in world with sinful temptations. However, It was a huge struggle during my high school years to ignore all sexual attraction and focus on my connection with God. When I first felt sexually interested to a male at my church I did not know how to flirt even though I craved for his attention. I began to change how I presented myself by wearing short skirts, tighter clothing or low cut shirts. By wearing more revealing clothes and appreciating my own body I felt more confident in talking to the opposite sex. My behaviour changed from becoming a soft-spoken female to a bold and deviant rebel in the church. The transformation made me realized the control I had in gaining the spot light from the opposite gender from how I accentuated my body. It was then that I realized that religion dictated my life to the level where I would not even attempt to view beyond the perfectionistic mindset. Due to this nurtured perspective, this was unconsciously disempowering to my sexuality by limiting any sexual self-exploration because of the fear from disappointing family members and God. Although it was during this period I started to become more in touch with my sexual interest, I was…

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