Why I Was A New Friend Essay

758 Words Jul 31st, 2015 4 Pages
Growing up fitting in was never really too big of a problem for me as I was never put down by anyone or out casted by a group. I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood with the majority population of African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians. I never cared for or saw skin color as a problem, whenever I wanted to participate in an activity I just barged in and participated. In other words I did what I wanted to do. I knew that if I wanted to make a new friend all I had to do was speak to somebody new and we’d become friends over a while. This was exactly what I did as I transitioned from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school. I went to a middle school where little to none of my elementary friends went to. I remember the first day as if it was just a couple months ago. I was nervous to see what new experiences awaited me. I knew I was going to see a lot of new faces since my old friends all told me they were going to a different middle school but I didn’t care I was eager to meet everyone. When I got to my first class I remember looking around to unfamiliar faces and pretty much everybody knew each other from their previous schools. I was the lone cat from a little elementary from the projects I grew up in. I did feel a little as if I didn’t belong there since nobody knew me but to make that feeling go away I knew I had to make a friend. So as I took a seat I remember this white pale with light brown hair boy sitting across from me and I’m not…

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