Essay about Why I Was A Decent Writer

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Looking back before I took this course I was a decent writer in terms of grades but with a deeper understanding on how much I changed and improved the only reason why I was a “decent” writer was because I did outstanding on a couple aspects of the paper and the rest was mediocre or borderline acceptable. After analyzing my high school papers they are all cookie cutters of one style I created with the aid of my prior teachers. But after taking this course I have a better view of the different styles and also the strategies to make any paper that is required to me.

Mr. Lang unveiled a lot of tricks and skills under his sleeves like invisible writing and free writing but the one that struck me was the double entry notebook tactic, I knew about this already from my high school teachers but because we were not required to do it I just flaked it off. After doing it with Catfish and Mandala, I found it extremely useful to track back information and understand key ideas as well as helping me with quizzes. The double entry notebook style showed me how to seek and produce information making the content of my pieces more stagnant and structure. Free writing was also a substantial help in the way I processed my embryonic stages of a write. Where it is a conflict what my stand is or a rut for ideas, free writing to me was like dumping everything on my mind and picking up the pieces that reside from the chaos. That 's the beauty of free writing, it 's effortless and unlocks the hidden…

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