Why I Want To Become A Nurse Essay

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I believe everyone should strive for excellence and follow their dreams. As a teenager, I have many interests: sports, friends, work, etc., but most of all I love to help people in need and make a difference. Attending Omaha Marian High School, I have teachers who have helped me grow in my love of science. Taking classes like anatomy and chemistry have expanded my knowledge and curiosity of the sciences, making me realize my great interest in the topic. The love I have for both science and helping people inspired me to become a nurse. I believe becoming a nurse is the best way for me to make a difference in people 's lives. I realized while working at New Cassel, a local retirement home that the simple act of touch and smile can make a huge impact on someone 's life. Working with seniors and children is my true passion. In the future I …show more content…
In addition, my inspiration also comes from my real life family situation. When I was born, I was born premature, early by ten weeks. My mom has shared stories of nurses and doctors who took care of my twin and I throughout our journey. The healthcare workers shared compassion, wisdom, skill, strength, support, and hugs with great generosity. This has sparked a light in me to be for others what these beautiful people were for my family and I. My experiences at New Cassel as well as my journey have inspired me to become the woman I am today and have fueled me to achieve my dreams of becoming a nurse.
The greatest health risk-affecting children in our society today is not Ebola, or an unthinkable trauma; it is obesity. In America, childhood obesity is a serious epidemic, impacting many children. When people think of the

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