Why I Want To Be A Doctor Essay

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Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by science and dedicated to serving others. While these passions could lead me down a multitude of different paths, I was always most attracted to medicine. However, when a physician that I shadowed in high school asked me why I aspired to be a doctor instead of designing children’s car seats, which would use science and help people, I could not articulate a response. Now, from my time spent volunteering in various health care settings and shadowing physicians, I understand what draws me to medicine so strongly. I have witnessed the unique and irreplaceable role that health care can have in a person’s life and this has confirmed my desire to pursue a career in medicine and given me insight into the …show more content…
My time there showed me the depth of impact a physician can have in ways above and beyond the science of diagnosing and treating health problems. One of my team’s primary activities was running health campaigns in isolated rural villages. As one of the few Spanish-speakers in our group, I was responsible for taking medical histories from the attendees and what I expected would be a simple process of filling out forms quickly became the most significant part of my trip. People told me personal details about their health problems and how they prevented them from reaching their goals, caring for their families and generally lowered their standard of living. Although I could not offer a solution, the patients deeply appreciated me simply taking an interest in them and sympathizing with their struggles. These conversations showed me that to care for a person medically is to care for them in an intensely intimate way. Physicians are given access to a person’s most private information. They are allowed to attend the most meaningful moments of a person’s life: their birth, their death, the birth of their children, the moment they learn that their life has a quickly approaching expiration date. However, along with that privilege, physicians have the ability to expand a person’s opportunity to live a longer …show more content…
They affirmed that a career in medicine is the most fitting way for me to utilize my skills and passions in the service of others. Medicine is a complex, ever-evolving science that would challenge me everyday and allow me to continue to learn, grow and become a more effective physician for the duration of my career. It is a science of hope and potential and has the unique ability to lengthen and improve peoples’ lives by allowing them to expand their opportunities. Medicine is also personal, and allows for building relationships and caring for people in a variety of ways. My experiences made me more excited about having a career in medicine and prepared me to be a compassionate and conscientious physician able to address the depth and breadth of the effects that medical issues can

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