Why I Want To Be A Biomedical Engineer Essay

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Do you like to help people? Well, if you do this is exactly what biomedical engineers do. Biomedical engineering is the career I chose. I want to be a biomedical engineer because this career involves math and science. I am good at math and I really like most of the topics in science, including biology. I am proving that biomedical engineering is a great job by showing the work environment, the education and training required, the important qualities needed, the salary, and the job outlook.

Work Environment Biomedical engineers further improve the things we know about fighting diseases and infections. To do this biomedical engineers work with life scientists, chemists, and medical scientists. When these people get together they research the
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This chart also shows how much the top earning 10% of biomedical engineers make what the chart shows and in the middle of it is the median pay for biomedical engineers. I would like to be in the higher earning class even though it most likely requires more work.
change %
Job Openings
United States
This table is showing the jobs in 2012 and the expected jobs in 2022. This is also showing the expected change of biomedical engineers employment. This makes me confident because there is a high change in employment of biomedical engineers.

Biomedical engineering is a fantastic job. I proved my point by showing the great work environment, the 4-year education required, the important qualities needed to be a biomedical engineer, and the salary & bright job outlook. I still want to pursue this career because it involves two classes I like and it seems like a great fit for me. I will take the classes that will lead me on the path to become a biomedical engineer in college and high school. I would like to become a biomedical engineer because I would be able to save someone's life and help them get back to their

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