Essay Why I Want Myself A Good Driver

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I would consider myself a generally good driver. I’ve never gotten any kind of ticket, I always wear my seatbelt and I don’t drive recklessly. That’s why my parents trusted me to get my own car. After selling my jeep, I bought a 1998 Acura Integra. I got it for a sweet deal and it had barely anything wrong with it. When you first buy your car, you think of all the cool things about it or what you plan to do with it. Never do you think that you’re going to lose that car, let alone almost losing someone you love. Well, that’s what happened to me. On the day of my senior prom, my brother and I got in a terrible accident, totaling the car and sending us both to the hospital in helicopters. The day was May 16th, 2015. This was the night of our high school’s prom. I had everything you needed for prom including the tux, shoes, corsage, a date, a car and some spending money. The only thing I was missing were the button covers for my tux. I called up Men’s Warehouse and asked them what I should do and they told me that I could drive up to their store and pick up some button covers. Well since my brother needed to be dropped off at his coach’s house for his baseball game, I figured it would easy enough to drop him off and then go pick up my button covers. My brother’s coach’s house was on this big road called State Road 54. It had three lanes on each side and a middle lane for turning. Well, as I approached the turning lane I quickly looked for oncoming cars and saw none and that…

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