Why I Want A Wife, By Judy Brady Essay

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A wife is a married woman or the woman someone is married to. This definition is stated in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. However, in the Urban Dictionary a wife is discriminated and not respected with stereotypes. Why I Want a Wife, by Judy Brady was a informal or personal essay explaining why she wants a wife. Which was published in a Ms. Magazine in 1972. Brady teaches the unmarried and also the married women the role of an uncomplicated wife while adding humor to lesson. The entire article consists of Brady sitting the numerous duties of a wife and how the role affects those dependent on her. Judy Brady’s essay paints the picture perfect housewife by outlining the exact rules every wife should follow within the household. The article omits other roles that she herself is dependent on. Brady also assumes all duties to which a wife may do and speaks of the negatives of everyone but herself. Brady exaggerates extremely as she lists the full spectrum of a wife’s duties. Brady does not talk about her husband that may provide luxuries and expenses to care for her. She excludes the children someday growing and taking care pf her. Instead, she mentions these people as chore, instead of something as a joy or happiness. She is describing the wife suppressed by the spouses, the stereotype of housewife, by the time the essay was written, women could be identifies with it, but in these times the wives play a different role in marriage.

Brady is trying to express her feelings…

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