Why I Started Practicing Law Essay

1064 Words Jul 9th, 2016 null Page
After I started practicing law in January 1983, one of the things that I did on a regular basis was go to the courthouse and watch other lawyers try cases in front of juries. Because I started my law practice from scratch, during the first several months, I had extra time on my hands to observe other lawyers in action.
Whenever I watched other lawyers try cases, I took notes, which I later assembled into a binder that I used as a resource when I began trying my own cases.
One of the lawyers that I enjoyed watching — I’ll call him James — was a veteran criminal defense attorney. He was smart, articulate, and animated. In addition to being skilled at cross-examining witnesses, he also did a masterful job of arguing his clients’ cases to the juries. He was very entertaining to watch. None of the jurors ever fell asleep during his closing arguments.
James has been retired for several years now. He was forced into retirement after he got into trouble with some of his clients. He had two addictions that he was never able to overcome that finally did him in: alcohol and gambling.
I thought about James last month when I ran into another lawyer I’ll call Steve. I met Steve shortly after I opened my law practice. When I met him, he was sharing office space with another lawyer who had hired me to do some legal research and writing.
Steve is ten years older than I am. When I ran into him last month, we discussed our families and what we’ve been up to. While we were talking, I couldn’t…

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