Why I Should Save Our Burning Homes Essay

1442 Words Sep 8th, 2015 6 Pages
Popping, sizzling, crackling! These are some of the deafening sounds I would probably hear if my house was being engulfed in riveting flames of fire. Trying to endure the thick smoke, I would certainly think of all of my most prized possessions and how a great majority of them will probably soon become ashes. Many times, unless we have had to live in lack prior to a disaster, we take for granted the simplest of things. Until these items are taken away from us, be it temporarily or eternally, we never display an ample amount of gratitude towards our belongings. In cases such as this, the few precious items that we would be able to carry out of our burning homes is not nearly comparable to what we wish we could save. To ensure that the items that I choose to save are not useless, I would have to quickly consider the experiences that I have encountered with the treasured possession. I have learned that the personal possessions that we miss the most, are indeed the ones that we have the most evocative memories with. These items have the most sentimental value to the hearts and lives of ourselves, as well as those close to us. After ensuring that my parents were okay and aware of the fire, I would carefully choose three separate items to save from the fire. The three items that I would choose hold some of the memories that I am most fond of. Not only do these items have a great importance to me, they also have a strong connection and sentimental value to some of my friends and my…

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