Why I Should Not Be A Forensic Psychologist Essay

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I have always admired all of my teachers, the grumpy children, the back talking, the state standards and worst of all, the parents. I did not always want to be a teacher, I wanted to be a forensic psychologist until I got into the teaching program at my high-school and fell in love with the kids. I applied to the University of New Mexico on a whim and put my major as Elementary Education and the rest is history. There are not really internships for teachers, there is always after-school care or daycares but you do not really get to talk to the teachers or talk to them. I observed Susan Hillmeyer at Albuquerque High-School and learned so many incredible things in just a short amount of time.
In a special needs classroom, things are always going to run differently, while you need to teach differently, the kids are far from stupid. Susan communicated very clearly, the students all responded to her teaching style amazingly. While of course she had to redirect a few of the children in her classroom, they were all participating and paying attention which I found to be amazing. For the most part, teachers never really lecture special needs students for an extended amount of time; because of their attention span and their creativeness, you mostly see the students drawing or doing more things creatively. While there were pictures all over the classroom that the students have drawn, I came into a particular class where Susan was lecturing for the day.
In comparison, the things that…

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