Essay about Why I Should Look For Girls

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The Question
One of the classic comments that gets made among young and eager freshman entering BYU for their first semester is how quickly they are going to find their spouse. It is brought up usually in a comical way with young and witty students coming up with phrases such as getting the “ring before spring” or getting the “MRS Degree.” Due to the way that the culture in YSA wards has been established, dating and marriage are topics that can seem to be brought up in more firesides and Sunday School classes than we would wish.
While it is uncomfortable to admit and can seem to be a cliché topic to discuss, most BYU students have an earnest desire to find someone who they can fall in love with and have a family. I feel like I align myself with many other students and I have the righteous desire to find someone who I can spend the rest of eternity with. The question I have decided to research is what I should look for in girls I date and how I can know who I should marry. I am currently not married and so I am unable to use myself as a case study but I do have the hope that the Lord will bless me to reach my goal if I am humble, stay close to Him and do as He directs .
The Search To look for my information on this subject I first started out by talking to my friends about their experience with dating. It is a natural subject that tends to be brought up so it wasn’t difficult to discuss. I have a close friend who recently proposed to his girlfriend and they are planning…

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