Why I Should Consider Me As A Student That Is Right For Your School

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The basic facts that I have given in my general application are only the facts that have been written down and kept record of. They don’t tell you who I am as a person, nor do they tell you if I would be a good candidate for your school. Hopefully, in this personal testimony of mine, I would like to explain some of the reasons why you should consider me as a student that is right for your school.
I would first like to start off saying that your school is at the top of my list, as well as many others. I know that I am a perfect candidate for FIT as I have learned many great things in high school and at the community college I attend that will benefit me on my journey as I go to transfer to a four year University of my choice. Pursuing my journey to obtain a bachelor’s degree within the fashion industry has not been easy, as the state of Texas doesn’t have too many campuses to offer this degree. I want to expand and broaden my knowledge to the maximum potential that I have.
I found my passion for fashion design as soon as I took the elective class in high school. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at first, but once I submerged myself and let my creativity flow… there was no turning back. At the age of Sixteen, I grasped the concept of learning the basic fundamentals of sketching, technical flats, patterns and basic construction of a garment. Taking this course at that point in time of my life, I never gave it much thought. Until, I was asked to make the biggest…

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