Essay on Why I Should Be A Teacher

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I grew up wanting to be the boss even though I was shy and had a little speech problem. I first wanted to be a teacher because my mother was a teacher back in my country. My family later on opened a school and my mother became the principal and I wanted to teach so badly, but I was just a little child. I wanted to be like my mom. I wanted to open my own school. I hated going to school even thought it was religious and I hated my teacher. I did not like the teaching method of my country and school system. I hated all of it. I grew up wanting to be all sort of thing that will give me freedom and not work with people. Things change, but one of the reason I did decide to become a teacher, is if I ever go back in my country, I want to prove them I can be a better teacher than the rest.

I never wanted to be a teacher in the United-States. I have been tutoring my two brothers and I have seen how my technique in learning works. I have help in the math subject and reading subject. One of them is placed in gifted program for his ability in math and with the advanced of technology, It was possible to gain the information that I needed to teach a 2nd grade. It was when I start teaching my little brother how to read big words for his next school year that I thought about teaching 2nd graders.

I still think it is a crazy idea, but I am not considering myself to teach a public school. One thing I do not work best with is people putting me in a lot of pressure. The…

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