Why I Should Be A Lawyer Essay

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When you are writing this essay you are a sophomore in highschool and you are 16 years old. You currently want to be a lawyer. You want to go to Anderson University and then attend law school. You will read this essay again when you are twenty-five years old. You might have gone to Anderson University or you might have gone some place else that offers you a better scholarship. You might have changed your mind on if you want to be a lawyer, but only you know that. I hope you haven’t changed much. I hope you still have your childlike humor and that you are still a very grateful person. Your childhood dreams were the usual. You wanted to be a princess or a fairly, because when you’re that young you think that’s possible. When you were a little older, but still very young, you wanted to be exactly like your mom, and that continued on until you were about ten years old. At one point in your life you thought you could be Hannah Montana, but soon your brothers crushed your dreams and told you it wasn’t possible. Then you wanted to be a doctor. You really wanted to help people. The main thing you wanted to do was try to find a cure for cancer. You eventually moved on to want to be a cosmetologist. You would practice hair on all of your friends and you would even beg your brothers to do their hair. We’ll fast forward to 2015 when you discovered that you wanted to be a lawyer. It is currently 2016 and you still want to be a lawyer, but it might change. Since I am currently only 16…

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