Why I Should Attend At The University Of Memphis Essay

823 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
My education has always been important to me. I always try to do the best I can possibly do in everything I do. I have always wanted to go to college. I actual started thinking about all the colleges in the United States and what how reaching a higher level of education could positively affect my future when I was in middle school. Out of all the schools in the United States, why did I, Jessyka Spivey, choose to attend the University of Memphis? The answer to this question is not simple at all. The stressful decision to decide which college I should attend and which one would benefit me the most in the long run was an intense process I began my junior year. By the second semester of my junior I began visiting and researching different colleges. Considering the fact that I am a resident of the state of Mississippi, my search started with colleges located in my home state. Although I started my search in my home state, I began receiving letters and emails from colleges from all over the country. Also, in my ninth grade computer class we had to enroll in a program that help match students to colleges that would best fit our needs and very year in our math classes we are required to fill out questionnaires about our college preferences. Many colleges began to send me information about their school and programs, but none of them stood out to me academically. I continued to research different schools and after months of being undecided and being forced to pick four colleges…

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