Why I Put My Wife 's Career First Essay

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In the October 2015 issued in The Atlantic new paper, Andrew Moravcsik, wrote an article called “Why I Put My Wife’s Career First.” The subheading of the article is: “the well-being of children, the status of women, and the happiness of men depend on whether fathers are willing to take on primary parenting roles.” Moravcsik argues that as one parent moves into the workforce especially into a demanding career, whereas the other parent regardless of gender must take on the leading role in the household. He calls himself the “lead parent” and argues that being a lead dad can be good for one’s marriage; where the children benefit from having a father at home, and importantly having a more egalitarian relationship with an open-ended distribution of family work fosters a more diverse and fulfilling life. (Moravcsik 2015)
The first thing to note is that Moravcsik article, is that its targeted audience is aimed towards educated American professionals. Many of the readers of the Atlantic, would likely be familiar with Moravcsik’s wife, Anne Marie Slaughter, who wrote the essay in The Atlantic “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.”(Ibid) Moravcsik refers his wife’s essay in his opening paragraph. He claims, that the public dialogue surrounding a balanced work-life is ensued from Slaughter’s article, supports his role as a leading parent figure. He states, that his article is merely “the other half of his family’s story”.
There are various claims that can be drawn out in the…

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