Why I Love My Strict Chinese Mom Essay

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Section A

1. Give an account of childraising as presented in the three texts
Text 1
Sophia Chau-Rubenfeld tells her story of how her mothers ”tough love” parenting methods raised her into a strong and independent girl who can make her own decisions. 18-year-old Chau-Rubenfeld thinks her rearing was good, and decided to write an official essay back to her mother, where she tells about how good it is to be raised by a so called tiger mom. She admits that her mum was very strict but that is only something she is very happy for to this very day.

Text 2
"Let them eat pizza: Parenting guru's recipe for bringing up children" by Sdr. Bryan Caplan tells us a whole different point of view on the raising of children. Caplan claims, that
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But the girl, was indeed more of a creative person. That way he shows us how cruel the parents are to push their children into and other direction, than the one they are meant to go: ”I have seen a girl weep nightly over her geometry. Her mother wanted her to go to university, but the girl-s whole soul was artistic.”

3. Taking your starting point in one of the texts, discuss how children should be raised
Taking my starting point in Text 1: ”Why I love my strict Chinese mom”, I would like to express my own opinion on how I think children should be raised. First of all, I would like to make a statement, that all children are unique, already from the start of their lifes. So I think, that there should be different rearing methods, used on different children. I, personally, am quite lazy, and I need my parents’ pressure, to get through high school and university. But by ”pressure” I don’t mean the same as Amy Chuas level of pressure. People in my family are all well-educated, and expect me also to be that. But it’s not like they don’t give me an opportunity to do what I want. Actually, when I look back at my childhood, I really think I was spoiled. I tried everything I ever wanted to try at that age. They gave me the freedom i needed, to figure out what I like and what I am good at. I also am a very

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