Why I Learned Valuable Lessons Essay

753 Words Dec 14th, 2015 4 Pages

Clearly, evaluating is the best way to make a judgment about how much you have learned. However, the evaluation must be by yourself because you can measure your own progress. Therefore, I, an enrolled student in ESL 103-104 courses at Essex County College, will evaluate my progress in this class in terms of my positive aspects, my difficulties, and my achieved growths.
First of all, the positive aspects of my experience in this class have been numerous. First of all, I learned valuable lessons. Professor Lumbsden is an educator; thereby, he teaches you English but also makes you reflect about your life. Before I came to this course I did not following directions. Instead, I used to do everything according what I though. My grades have been getting better because I did what the instructions say. Also, my essays and paragraphs made me reflect about many issues such as lacking of discipline or being. Secondly, I achieved certain skills in this class. The first is to work under pressure. Throughout the course, my professor was reducing the time of the quizzes, paragraphs and essays in order to make us fast riders and fast thinkers. Now, I can write an essay only in thirty minutes and before was the sixty. Moreover, working in team was the second skill that I learned. If you work with someone else, you have to know your and your friend strengths and weakness to be a good team. Finally, my major improvements have been my writing skills. Thanks to this class,…

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