Why I Learned A Lot More About Grammar Skills Essay

762 Words Nov 25th, 2014 4 Pages
Taking this writing course has helped me to learn a lot more about grammar skills. Before taking this course,I would always have a hard time writing papers because I did not use proper grammar skills. By using the book Evergreen that we use in class it has helped me come a long way,I liked the fact that it gives me alots of examples. It also has exercises for me to practice after I have reviewed what I have learned. By writing more on a daily basis, it has forced me to reference my grammar, and spelling skills that I had developed as a student. Spelling was a big one for me,I grow up all my life spelling words that I thought where compound words and come to find out some of them were not compound words. Also as a child I would often get words mix up, being that I 'm bilingual and was brought up with spanish begin my primary main language in our house.So I would get confused and think. So I learned to look at words more acuartly and how to properly spell them correctly. when I would read the word I would have no idea what they meant nor did I understand them. I would just keep going right on by and passing them bye thinking I would understand them later. Now I learned instead of skipping the word to look it up in the dictionary to help me understand and comprehend the word and the meaning. I also learned to think about what I am going to say before speaking. This class has also helped me with my sentence skills as well. I remember when I got my first essay back and my…

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