Why I Join The Volunteer Organizations Essay

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Within this limited life expectancy of mine, I would devote more time to my family and friends. Also, I have always been looking forward to joining the volunteer organizations in which I can contribute to make a difference to one’s life. With my little donation, I hope to bring happiness and love to different people, so that they can forward it to others. I have been receiving love and support from people around me; consequently, ‘giving, sharing, and spreading love’ will be my purpose of living for the next five years. Lastly, a personal trip abroad each year to a different countries is what I want for myself. In order to ensure that I could have all done, I set an automatic saving account which will withdraw from my income payments monthly.
I think to climb the corporate ladder is the most significant goal in my life, but it does not make sense to me when there is not adequate time left to accomplish it. Even though I could access to the high level position in the company, it is meaningless to live a life only working hard to earn money. I do not deemphasize the importance of how money can make a change to one’s life, but to me, I value love over money.
I will be done with my bachelor degree program this summer. An entry level position in the Human Resources field would possibly take home approximately $40,000 annually. Ten percent of my salary, which is about $4,000, will be saved up for the charity organizations, given that I will stay at the same position in the company…

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