Essay Why I Join Our Faction

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Have you ever thought or asked yourself, do you want to eat? Do you want to grow your own food while working another job? The faction, Dukes, as the future farmers of society preform these duties in our faction. After the Ebola virus hit the air our faction (Dukes) decided to be the caring and the giving ones. The responsibilities for our faction, are to take care of animals, grow food and herbs, and hunt for food. In doing so, by us fulfilling our responsibilities, people will have food and good health. However, we are going to need some people to join our faction, because a small group of people cannot take care of all these responsibilities on their own forever. Trey, Harris, Tyler, and I created a campaign influencing our English 131 class why they should join our faction. We ran our campaign using three rhetorical analysis appeals “ethos, logos, and pathos” our campaign was successful, not the best but we were able to win over most.
Granting that our poster was considered the most influential piece of the presentation. Not only was the poster we designed very illustrative, but we also included our five symbols of the main duties we perform. For instance, the poster, which really showed our caring and giving side, we showed and presented our poster to our English 131 class and our professor, Mrs. Winfield. The poster was drawn by Harris with each member putting out their ideas on what symbol should represent what and what design would catch the eye of the audience to…

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