Why I Join Key Club During My Freshman Year Of High School Essay

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My mother always said that things happen for a reason. I believe that the reason I joined Key Club during my freshman year of high school was to lead me to my major, public relations. At the time, I wanted to join the student-led community service organization just to improve my college applications.
However, I quickly became engrossed in the organization, building my passion for serving others and eventually becoming club webmaster the following year. I routinely spent weeknights sorting clothes for clothing drives or passing out cans at local food banks, and my weekends were consumed with volunteering at charity 5k races.
My involvement with Key Club reached a peak during my senior year, when I served as the Pennsylvania Key Club District Governor. In this position, I was able to place a true impact on the organization that had given so much to me over the previous three years. As Governor, I worked directly with the twenty Division Lt. Governors, training them on how to support the clubs in their respective regions.
During my term, our district project was fundraising for the Eliminate Project, a partnership between Kiwanis (the parent organization of Key Club) and UNICEF, which aimed to eradicate Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus. Thus, the primary support that we provided to individual clubs was assistance with their fundraising efforts. Through this engagement and by co-chairing two annual Eliminate 5k races in my home club, I gained valuable experience with fundraising and…

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