Why I Have Faith There Is No God Essay example

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Why I have faith there is no God
Humans are selfish and self-centered creatures, living only to be rewarded and to better themselves in the way they find most convenient. Religion knows this common human urge and taps into it by rewarding you for worshiping false deities with the concept of an afterlife. This lust for a life after death is used to control the masses in a way that betters society; making people believe that if they commit sins such as murder or theft then there will be no Eden for them in the life beyond this one. By this definition of religion it can be seen that modern day Gods can be no more than man’s creation to explain the impossible and justify acts that we assume are a necessary part of society and otherwise would seem ludicrous. However believing in the concept of a god is very different than believing in the god religion tells you to follow. As Richard Dawkins says in his novel The God delusion “We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in, some of us just go one god further” (1). That is why atheists take that final leap into the realm of reason and scientific evidence. Just as modern religions mock the gods of our ancestors, atheism mocks the gods of today. Thomas Aquinas, a seemingly brilliant philosopher who asks many mind bending questions that have theologians thinking the answer can only be god. One of his most prominent and thought provoking arguments is “The Unmoved Mover” theory (3). This theory states…

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