Why I Have A Good Job Essay

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, I thought Trudy and I did a very good job being as though that was our second time doing a full session. Before we started filming we both were nervous that we were going to run out of things to say but fortunately we could make it past ten minutes. Trudy and I are friends, so I believe that made us more comfortable in the conversation. We were able to take about her attitude in and out of the class room and also her job and family. There were a few times the conversation got challenging but at some point, we could get back on track and continue the conversation. Moreover, the content of the session was very fulfilling. We had a topic and for the most part up until the end we were able to stick with it. only reason we moved on was because I didn’t want to dwell on the negatives going on in Trudy’s life. Which moving on added to the purpose of our session.
The purpose of the conversation was to see how Trudy was doing now compared to our first session back in September, the beginning of the semester. By the end of the session we were able to fulfill our purpose. We began with the issue of social life being more of a priority than Trudy’s school work. In the beginning of the semester Trudy had many goals set out as far as her school work. But, in this session I heard that she did not meet any of those goals. Which got us into the importance of Trudy’s social life. She believed her social life was more important than school which got us on to the topic of her quitting her…

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