Why I Have A Dream Last Night Essay

1259 Words Jun 8th, 2016 null Page

I did have a dream last night. I went around to different stores buying 12 plants, but James kept trying to helping me and following me around and I kept wondering where the fuck is Jeremy, like always. I even landed back in his apartment and his boyfriend’s stuff was everywhere, of course he kept trying to kiss me and the whole time I was basically yelling, “WHERE IS JEREMYYYY” ... “You have a boyfriend!!!” … “Where is JEREMY???” Hoping yes, you’d bust in and say, “Come on!” No, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Instead what would I have to do in reality? Use something to knock him off me, leaving to go hunt you down and tell you what happen to me. With no idea where to go. Finally seeing your truck out front of one of 3 clinics named choice PT and wanting to blow up with excitement to be to be blocked by someone or something every time, “he wont see you” …. ”Oh?”… “You scare him”…”He’s married”….Well he’s watched me for 4 years… I guess I am just fucking delusional and nuts with no proof. But I do know, this is ridiculous and reminds me of 4 years ago, with the same people.

Simple minds are like red, green and purple skittles, dandelions, rice, cookie cutters, 8-5 jobs, white paint, graduate degrees, Walmart, sitcoms, Facebook, dinner dates, cod, student loan debt, yes all very common, quantity. Knock them together to see what you get, a shitty basic life. Put them in a bucket and it 's like shooting fish in a bucket. I might not be a physical therapist,…

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