Essay Why I Have A Dilemma

2007 Words May 5th, 2016 9 Pages
I have a dilemma. As humans, I believe we are social beings, and have become more so as our species has evolved and as technology has advanced. We can barely function without human interaction. It is essential to us. And yet, with the idea of solipsism and further the egocentric predicament, it’s completely possible that we aren’t in fact social, as we might very well be the only one, the only human being, the only self in the universe. My dilemma stems from the idea of complete and utter loneliness. I have so much trouble coping with this idea that I am alone. Throughout my entire life, I have been told that I am never alone, from birth to death, there is always going to be someone there. And now, here I am faced with the idea that no one exists but me. The most infuriating part about it is the is makes absolute perfect sense to me. If I couldn’t grasp the concept, I would be in a better situation than the one I am in, because in that case I wouldn’t have to worry about being alone. Mill’s argument of analogy gives me no comfort, as I have always been a person who needs concrete evidence to be satisfied. Our perception and inference skills can only take us so far, and a decent amount of the time, they lead us to incorrect conclusions. Although… Have you ever come downstairs and just known, before they even turned around, that your mom/dad/kid was in a bad mood and you shouldn’t engage with them? Or have you and a friend ever been talking and they say something that you…

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