Why I Hate Talking About Myself

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I’ve always hated talking about myself. I always feel like I’m not interesting enough. I’m not an athlete, I’m not popular, I’m not the straight A student, and I’m certainly not the perfect person. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m just a normal young girl. I do what any normal girl does. Usually, my routines are repetitive and boring. Growing up, I used to always be in sports or in clubs, but as I began to get older, I thought those things were boring and would waste my time, but I can talk about what I always do even though they’re repetitive.

All through Elementary and Middle school, I was the worst with keeping up my grades. I never, I mean I never did my homework or did any of my work. I hated it and I thought if I didn’t do
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My parents like to see their children succeed. Everytime I show them my honor roll certificate, they always smile and they always tell me that they’re proud of me. This is a step closer to become a lawyer. Not to brag about myself, but I can handle stress pretty well and not only that, but I can debate with people a lot and sometimes when I feel feisty, I can hurt someone 's feelings. I’d love to be a lawyer because I want to help people to get out of situations and speak out for them and be the voice that person can’t have. Lawyers are known as liars, but in my opinion, they’re your supporters. They would do anything out of their way to help someone and put that person’s needs before theirs and that’s how I am. I like to put someone’s else’s need before mine because I’m already blessed with what I have and I’m happy with myself. What more do I need. Not only that, but they can become successful and that’s what I want. I also want to be an author. I love writing because it calms me down and I love writing about scary things. I do have in the back of my mind to become a baker, but that’s more of a hobby. Becoming a lawyer is what my heart is set for and I know I can become a well known lawyer. I want to be able to prove wrong those people who have doubted me in my life and I know one day, I’m going to see them in court and win that

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