Why I Grieve Will Assist With My Individual Growth Essay

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Beholding three significant losses in my life has been challenging and has brought on a lot of emotions. However, learning why and how I grieve will assist with my individual growth. The three significant losses would be the death of my grandpa, never obtaining another child, and our family dog, Rex. These three losses came and different stages of my life, along with a variety of emotional pain.
I will always cherish the bond I had with Grandpa Freiheit. Moreover, they loved he unconditionally and treated me like I was a superstar. My grandfather was in and out of the hospital and hospice for over a year with hepatitis C before he died. I was in my late 20’s and would skip work to go lay by his side for a few hours throughout that year. Once he looked up at me and said, “This is the shits.” When he died I was sad, but relieved he was no longer in pain. The whole family came together for his funeral on a super-hot day in May. The celebration of his life was heartwarming and so many people came to show their love and support for such a fun, trouble making, and special man. After he died I felt his presence in everything I did and still do. I am comforted in knowing he loves me and still supports me. I’ll see a cardinal or butterfly and will be reminded of his love.
My husband and I wanted to have two or three children. I have not been on birth control for 15 years and we have one beautiful 14 year old daughter. Throughout the years we tried multiple ways to conceive another…

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