Why I Don 't Speak Essay

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SLANT. Coming into your class there were only three out of SLANT that I consistently did, track the speaker; nod your head, and ask and answer questions. Nodding my head in my classes (for me) lets my teachers know that I 'm following along; that I understand what the teacher is saying and, I feel like I 'm communicating with them without speaking. Track the speaker is just a way for me to follow along with the teacher, and see what they are doing. Ask and Answer questions is a hard one for me, mainly because I don 't want to look or feel stupid when I ask or answer a question, most times I don 't speak, but my classes are getting difficult and I need to know if I 'm doing something right or not.
I am steady with all of them in my classes except, sit up like a solar and, lean forward and look interested, these are the ones that get me the most because I 'm not used to them although when I come into your class I do it very well, because I know you approve of it very well. I do try to do them in other classes when I remember to do them.
My SLANTing behavior has changed, I (at times) do all of the SLANT without being reminded. SLANTing has a big affection on all my classes going from the way teachers and my other classmates look at me in a "that person is ready to learn" type of way.
The most difficult part of this class since school began (for me) would have to be the essays. I understand the prompt but, when it comes to doing the writing and planning I get stuck and most…

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