Essay about Why I Don 't Not Stand

1578 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 null Page
T If there is one thing in this world that I just can say that I absolutely cannot stand, it would be people who talk for no reason. I understand that majority of the time talking is your way of expressing yourself and getting through everyday life, but it irks my soul when someone just starts an irrelevant conversation about nothing for no reason. One explanation on why I don’t get along with talkative people is because sometimes when they’re getting too hype on the conversation they intended on bringing up, they start to talk about the wrong things at the wrong time. Once that one thing gets spoken about, rumor start to get spreaded and everyone wants to put their two sense in someone else’s business. A lot of people get mad at me because they know that I’m not that big of a talker, to me it’s just a simple “Hey, What’s Up”? That’s all what else are we talking for. But as I am writing this, I am realizing that when people say that I need to speak up more or talk louder, it’s simply because I’m not a talker. Speaking up and money is a must and a need in order to get through everyday life, But if I don’t start talking more, I will be in a heap of trouble. I wish there was another way of communicating with others other than verbally speaking. Something that is somewhat similar to sign language but not exactly. Simply because sign language involves too many hand gestures and not everyone wants to take the time to learn every word by using your hands. I may seem like…

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