Why I Don 't Mind Essay

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“I can make copies of them, duh. It’s a bulletproof plan for the both of us. Now, if you wouldn’t mind leaving me alone,” he yawned again, resting his head on the desk, “I have a date with the sandman.”
“I guess it makes sense,” I whispered, taking out my notebook and pencil. I really didn’t know how to responded to his reasoning.
Class was dismissed early because Mrs. Sorun failed to have an assignment ready for the day, meaning I was free the rest of the day.
“Told you,” Tia gloated, shaking her head at me as we gradually made our way through the empty hallway towards her Composition class. “If you treat them nicely they’ll run all over you.”
Then what do you call your situation with Michael? “I don’t mind since I was planning on taking notes anyway. Besides, I’ll let it go as an even trade because he did move up front for my personal sake.”
“That was strange.” She folded her arms and put on her thinking face. “People like him are usually for themselves, so him offering to be nice must be part of some bigger operation of his to assault you in the future.”
“Or it could be everyone has their kindhearted moments and maybe you two should…”
“Stop spitting nonsense before I get annoyed and say something you don’t wanna hear.” Judging by the way she was glaring at me, I think she wasn’t being too serious.
“Denying it now doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.”
“And I’m telling you if you don’t forget about it, I’ll kill you, him and anyone else before such a horrible…

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